The World’s First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer – the first laser measurer that can provide two-way laser measurements

Still using tape ruler in measuring length? Not anymore with the first Laser Distance Measurer, the world’s first bilateral laser distance measuring device —[SOURCE]— designed to provide 2-way laser measurement unlike ordinary conventional tape rulers can’t handle.

Perfect for getting a hassle free any length measurement starting from the left, right or even simultaneously measurement or in one direction only, this distance measurer also unique because it lessens the time in measuring height, width and length.

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World’s First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer

Laser Distance Measurer is also capable of measuring volume, area and even provides triangular areas, thanks to its included smartphone application, storing measurements specially if you are planning to remodel your projects is now possible.

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The World’s First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer also features a uniquely designed bubble leveling system partnered with an included tripod mount so you don’t have to worry about leveling and at the same time measuring the area in any direction and best of all, its dual class 2 lasers will definitely provide from .5m to 80m range with 3mm accuracy. Weighs only 3oz.

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