The Wireless PC To TV Media Streamer – now you can playback almost any media to TV wirelessly

The Wireless PC To TV Media Streamer is designed to stream your PC’s saved movies, photos, music and even video clips straight to your HD Television of course wirelessly so you’ll have a bigger and brighter screen every time you play them.

The Wireless PC To TV Media Streamer

This Wireless PC to TV streamer is actually capable of playing any type of media with up to 4GB in capacity, just plug the device to your preferred media player, allow your wireless home network to stream the data to your television and enjoy.

The Wireless PC To TV Media Streamer 2

The Wireless PC To TV Media Streamer is also compatible with other media player including Blu-ray and stereo players, gaming consoles and even photograph frames that is equipped with USB ports plus it even comes with an HDMI, Audio and Video cables together with its included remote control so you can connect the media player to any television without USB playback.

What are you waiting for, start plugging the PC to TV media streamer to your favorite player now, turn on your wireless network and your TV and you’re good to go. Have Fun!

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  1. Very cool! We are seeing more of these stick devices and I think they will only get better. I am really thinking about getting one of those Android on a stick that plugs into the TV and wirelessly connects to the internet.


  2. You’re right Rick, I’m also looking at a combination of both pc to tv streamer plus the capability of connecting to the internet using only a single stick..


  3. Interesting divice and I am sure they are working on larger capacity sticks. Thanks for the information. Watching Hulu on the small screen is not very exciting sometimes.

  4. Well, I hope so Stephen. We’re also hoping to see some new features on this device.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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