The Wireless iTunes Speaker – an Advanced Audio System with AirPlay

Packed with advanced audio system, the Wireless iTunes Speaker is capable of playing music straight from your iTunes library wirelessly, simply connect the speaker to your wifi network and you’re good to go.

The Wireless iTunes Speaker plays music from your favorite gadgets including your iPhone, iPod or iPad using Apple’s cool AirPlay technology.

The Wireless iTunes Speaker

Unlike ordinary speaker system that rely on limited range of Bluetooth, the wireless iTunes speaker offers up to 100 feet range of connectivity enabling music lovers out there to listen to their favorite music anyplace inside or outside the house.

The wireless speaker’s iTunes app is also capable of streaming music to several speakers plus it can even stream music from your computer or Mac.

Other cool feature includes optimized equalizer settings for that clear and rich vocals and bass while the speaker can recharge your iPad or iPhone when it is connected via USB port. Included adapter allows the owner to plug the wireless speaker into an AC outlet.

-$199.95 at hammacher