The Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver – automatically backs up photos and other data while at the same time supplying power to a Qi wireless enabled device

The Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver (currently taking orders here) is unique because besides charging your favorite gadgets wirelessly, this charger will also automatically archive your important data, especially your photos.

This wireless gadget charger is perfect when it comes to supplying power to all your Qi enabled device and at the same time storing up to 64GB of photos, your contacts and even your latest videos.

Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver

The Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver

This wireless charger and archiver is unique because it also help the owner to free their device with precious storage space, enough to provide you with another space of storing other important information on your smartphone.

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Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver1

This Instant Photo Archiver and at the same time wireless charging device is also capable of providing fast 10w charging capability plus it also comes with an integrated USB interface so owners can attach the unit into their favorite desktop computer for transferring the archived information easily and best of all, it only measures 8x4x3/4 inches in length, width and height.

You can buy the wireless smartphone charger and archiver for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.