The Wireless Apple Devices Charger – A wireless charging pad that simultaneously supplies power to an iPhone, AirPod and Apple Watch

Looking for a wireless charger for all your favorite Apple devices like AirPod, iPhone and even your latest Apple watch? Use the Wireless Apple Devices Charger, a small yet powerful charging pad capable of charging simultaneously almost all your latest Apple gadgets without worrying about bulky wires and charging cables.

This wireless charger occupies as little space yet big enough that all your Qi-enabled gadgets when placed into the charging pad will be charged quickly from 0 to 50 percent in just a matter of 30min.

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Wireless Apple Devices Charger

Apple Devices Charger

Thanks to the charger’s integrated Apple watch stand, charging spot for Airpod and even a flat area for charging iPhone, juicing the battery up as fast as possible will not be a problem.

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Wireless Apple Devices Charger 1

The Apple Devices Charger only measures 9 1/4in. X 5 1/4in. X 2.5in in length, width and diameter respectively and only weighs as little as 15oz.

You can buy the Wireless Charger for all your Apple devices for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.