The Windshield Heads Up Display – A new gadget designed to help drivers improve road awareness

Here’s a new gadget for car owners capable of projecting important information such as engine speed, fuel consumption, clock, water temperature and more right into the car’s windshield so car owners will know different information about their car’s performance and of course to help drivers be more aware of what’s happening specially when driving long hours.

This gadget is perfect for pro and new drivers alike simply because it includes almost everything a driver needs to know about their car including how much time a driver already spent behind the wheel informing the driver to take a break. A must have device for every car owner out there.

The Windshield Heads Up Display

The Windshield Heads Up Display

The Windshield Heads Up Display is unique because it can display information right at the driver’s line of sight plus it even inform the driver specially the new ones when it is already time to downshift when the car is in manual transmission.

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The Windshield Heads Up Display 1

Other important feature of this device includes an auto adjust function for brightness designed to suit any driving condition.

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