The Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier – A cordless digital magnifier with a wider screen and higher resolution

The Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier [SOURCE] only measures at 5×2.5 inches in width and height yet it is equipped with high resolution wide screen perfect for viewing magnified text or even enlarged almost anything simply by pressing a button.

This digital magnifier is cordless and is perfect for reading enthusiasts out there who needs some device to magnify small text and even pictures of up to 32x, thanks to the cordless digital magnifier’s wider screen partnered with high resolution function, now you can enjoy what you are reading.

The Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier

The Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier

This HD Magnifier is also equipped with customizable color combinations partnered with different brightness levels, owner’s will be able to enhanced the viewing experience even on small objects plus it even comes with dual lens, HDMI and AV cables so owner’s can easily connect the magnifier to their favorite television for that extra wide images every time.

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The Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier even features a freeze key function so users can easily lock an image or use its integrated camera for capturing up to 100 images and storing them into its built-in 100mb memory and best of all, it already includes a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 4hrs of continuous use. USB cable, AC adapter and carrying bag already included in the package.

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