The Wet and Dry Robotic Mop – a computerized floor cleaner that automatically dry clean or mop floor

No time to sweep or mop your floor? No problem, use the Wet and Dry Robotic Mop, a computerized floor cleaner designed to automatically dry clean or mop wet floor without you lifting a finger simply because this robotic floor cleaner is capable of coursing across your entire floor surfaces sweeping and mopping back and forth in order to remove dust and dirt or even wash floors to make it clean and shiny every time.

This robotic mop already includes a unique control that emits signal to guide the device while its built-in sensor will guarantee that the robotic mop will stay away from touching any of your furniture, stairs and rugs.

Wet and Dry Robotic Mop

This robotic floor cleaner is also capable of cleaning hard to reach areas while its super quiet operation will definitely give the owner some peaceful and calming sleep without worrying about the device’s cleaning operation.

Wet and Dry Robotic Mop 1

The Wet and Dry Robotic Mop can sweep surfaces up to 1000 feet square for up to 4 hours straight and mop surfaces up to 350 feet square for 2 hours and a half without any problem.

This device recharges via AC and already comes with 2 sweeping cloth, 2 mopping cloth and 2 c-batteries for the satellite.



  1. I’m the lazy type of person when it comes to sweeping and mopping the floor. I bought iRobot recently, it works great! However, it only sweeps but not mop. Sigh…

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