The Wellness Monitor – A pocket sized activity monitoring device that automatically tracks your daily activities

The Wellness Monitor [SOURCE] is designed to help you automatically keep track of all your day to day activities including your actual daily steps or movements and of course your sleep cycles so that you will exactly know if you are getting the sleep needed or even tell you if you need to exercise more.

The Wellness Monitor

The Wellness Monitor

This pocket sized wellness monitor uses the same technology used by NASA astronauts to keep track of their movements, measure their elevations, calculate the distance traveled and a lot more, thanks to NASA’s unique technology accelerometer built into this wireless activity tracker, now you can easily track your sleep, calories burned, steps taken and other important day to day information automatically with the Wellness Monitor device.

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The Wellness Monitor 1

Whether you want to know how long you took to fall asleep or how long you were actually sleep and even monitor the intensity and duration of the steps you have taken, this wireless wellness tracking device is your perfect answer, thanks to the wellness monitor’s included unique sensor integrated nicely into the included wristband partnered with an easy to read LCD screen getting the information you want is now easy and accurate.

The Wellness Monitor 2

This wireless activity plus tracker allows the owner to automatically upload any gathered information straight their favorite gadgets like smartphones, tablets and notebook computers wirelessly allowing the owners to see different readings including graphs and more plus it even comes with a feature where data can also be synced straight to the owner’s favorite fitness apps and best of all, the activity plus tracker is capable of operating for up to 7 straight days in just a matter of 1.5 hours of battery charging using its included USB cable.

Visit [THIS PAGE] for more important information including customer’s review about the device.

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