The Wegner Inspired Stacking Deck Chairs – provides comfort without the need for cushions

The Wegner Inspired Stacking Deck Chairs (available here) is a set of four stylishly designed chairs so owners can enjoy not just a relaxing sitting position and at the same time comfortable every time without even needing some cushions at it.

Thanks to the chair’s unique front arch blended with perfect armrests joined uniquely using mortise and tenon joints, it even comes with a unique front profile in u-shallow shape just to provide that relaxed sitting position you’ve been looking for any time.

Wegner Inspired Deck Chairs

The Wegner Inspired Stacking Deck Chairs

The seat’s slightly curving backrest on the other hand is capable of providing a nice sitting posture without you worrying about matching them with other utility and because they’re made with Brazilian eucalyptus, you can always be sure that they’re strong yet very light.

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Wegner Inspired Deck Chairs1

The Wegner Inspired Stacking Deck Chair is better than any mahogany made wood chairs and best of all, it has natural oils and tight grain designed to help prevent damage from mold, termites and rain just perfect for outdoor use. Weighs only 13.5lbs and each chair only measures 33×23.5×18 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy these Brazilian eucalyptus made chairs designed by a Danish furniture master for only $599.95 with lifetime guarantee.