The Wearable Virtual Cinema – a video headset that connects to any device to provide a fully immersive movie viewing experience

Tired of your video headset that cannot provide the best movie viewing experience? Use the Wearable Virtual Cinema —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed video headset capable of connecting to almost any type of gadgets, gaming system and even your favorite streaming service in order to give you only the best movie watching experience anytime anywhere.

This virtual cinema is equipped with a perfect viewfinder that has 2 HD screens where users can easily focused so you don’t have to worry about wearing contacts or even your prescription glasses, simply adjust the diopters focus from +2 to -7 and you’re good to go.

The Wearable Virtual Cinema

The Wearable Virtual Cinema

This video headset can even provide up to 53 degrees of field view, has adjustable interpupillary distance and even comes with dual stereo with noise cancelling function so you will enjoy what you are watching in crisp and clear sound.

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The Wearable Virtual Cinema 1

The Wearable Virtual Cinema also features an easy to use volume controls located on the right of the earcup so you can easily adjust the volume specially when you are in an airline, travelling and even on private viewing at home and best of all, it connects to your favorite wifi easily and folds for easy storage. Also includes 32gb of storage space and has 2D or 3D viewing option.

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