The Waterproof Speaker Tablet – A waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a built-in tablet screen

The Waterproof Speaker Tablet —[SOURCE]— is not just one of those ordinary Bluetooth speakers out there because this model already includes an integrated tablet screen so you can enjoy your favorite music from your latest gadgets anytime anywhere.

This waterproof speaker already comes with different music applications and because it is already equipped with hard drive into its included tablet, storing songs for up to 4000 will not be a problem.

The Waterproof Speaker Tablet

The Waterproof Speaker Tablet

The tablet on the other hand has a 5 inches touchscreen display and is capable of allowing the owners to download applications or even browse the web when it is connected to a wifi network. Its 5mp on the other hand allows the owner to easily take pictures and even videos because it already includes a 16gb storage.

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The Waterproof Speaker Tablet 1

This Speaker Tablet is perfect for anyone who wants to have a day trip to the beach or pool because it is waterproof and float and best of all, it can be easily attached to your favorite backpacks, paddle boards and even mounting it anywhere you want.

Just don’t forget to fully charged the unit though to have up to 10hrs of battery power.

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