The Waterproof iPad Case – prevents water from penetrating your ipad tablet

Planning of soaking down your iPad on your next summer activities? No problem, here’s the Waterproof iPad Case capable of preventing water from penetrating your iPad even when submerged for about 30 minutes below the surface, thanks to its award winning design and sturdy construction, now you can make use of your tablet in your next underwater adventure.

The Waterproof iPad Case

The Waterproof iPad Case is also designed to survive even if it falls from a 4 feet high, and despite its thorough protection, accessing the touchscreen’s icons and other important menus and buttons will not be a problem.

The Waterproof iPad Case 2

This waterproof iPad case seals the iPad’s edges smoothly keeping out sand, mud or even snow from circulating. How about the camera and sound performances when used underwater? Well, the case does not actually cover everything and they’re readily accessible every time you need them.

This waterproof cover is compatible with the latest iPad around, only weighs 12oz and measures only at 10.5×8.4×3/4 in height, width and dimension.