The Water Absorbing Garage Mat – Uses patented two-layer design that absorbs water, snow, and mud

The Water Absorbing Garage Mat [SOUCE] is not just capable of absorbing water but also, mud and snow, thanks to its patented 2-layer design, now you don’t have to worry about slimes and other outdoor dirt from your shoes or even from your car’s tires because this garage mat prevents them all from being tracked indoors.

No more carpet stains or even doing some unnecessary cleaning because this garage mat sponges up almost anything and because the mat’s slip resistant bottom secures it in place, protecting your garage floor from any moisture will not be a problem.

The Water Absorbing Garage Mat

The Water Absorbing Garage Mat

This mat is made with polyester fibers and is stain resistant just perfect for ensuring that your carpet maintains its appearance for years.

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The Water Absorbing Garage Mat is very soft to touch and can be easily clean using a vacuum cleaner, power washer or even just a hose.

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