The Wallet Vault – secures its contents like a vault and protects its owner from identity theft

The Wallet Vault [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to its design but also one of a kind when it comes to protecting your personal things like ID’s, Cash or even Credit Cards, thanks to the wallet’s sleek and sturdy construction partnered with 3 digit code security features, now you don’t have to worry about identity theft, lost or stolen wallet anytime anywhere.

The Wallet Vault

The Wallet Vault

Unlike ordinary wallets out there, this vault is also capable of protecting and blocking signals from RFID chips and also prevents thieves from pilfering important information of your credit cards or personal identification.

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This wallet is equipped with tear proof pockets that uniquely fan out when opened, just perfect for selecting which card you want to use every time.

The Wallet Vault is capable of holding up to 12 different cards such as debit, credit, cash and IDs and weighs only 5oz.

Check [THIS PAGE] for other important features and information.

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