The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill – A motorless treadmill where resistance is created by magnetic force, eliminating the need for AC power

The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill [SOURCE] is a motorless, quiet and smooth and best of all capable of providing walkers with some new ways to exercise at home perfect for keeping the owners joints in good and flexible condition every time.

Whether you want to keep your joints loose, prevent pain or even begin a new set of exercise routine, this foldaway treadmill is your perfect answer simply because not only it is very easy to setup and no tools are required to fold the motorless treadmill, it is also comes with a unique walking platform where resistance is created by magnetic force so you don’t have to worry about electric power every time.

The Walker's Foldaway Treadmill

The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill

The treadmill’s sturdy steel frame on the other hand already comes with padded handrails to help owners up to 250lbs. maintain its balance while its non-slip track allows exercise fanatics to begin their exercise routine anywhere anytime.

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The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill also features an LCD screen so owners can keep track of their distance, calories burned, heart rate and even time and speed and best of all, it has a surface that can be adjusted to 4 different incline heights and 8 levels of resistance.

Watch the treadmill in action [HERE].