The Voice Controlled Smart TV Streamer – A voice-controlled Android TV Box that converts any high-definition television into a smart TV

The Voice Controlled Smart TV Streamer [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to converting any television into a cool and smart TV but at the same time unique because it allows the owner to control their high definition television using their very own voice.

Thanks to the Smart TV Streamer’s voice-controlled function, streaming 4k videos and activating it via voice is now possible with this small yet powerful smart tv box.

The Voice Controlled Smart TV Streamer

The Voice Controlled Smart TV Streamer

About the size of a VHS tape, this Smart TV Box is very easy to install and plugs into most television using HDMI port and because it automatically connect to your home WiFi network, browsing the net, using different Android app and even broadcasting your favorite Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming services is now easier than ever.

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The Voice Controlled Smart TV Streamer already includes a wireless remote control that easily responds to voice commands, it even comes with a nicely layout arrow and keyboard buttons partnered with mouse function so owners can easily search titles and even navigate online content with confidence and best of all, it’s powerful quad-core processor with 16GB of internal storage space and Android Lollipop OS will allow the owner to easily install any apps via Google Play.

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