The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar – patented amplifier bar that clarifies sound from a television to help viewers hear dialogue more clearly

The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar —[SOURCE]—  is equipped with unique amplifier capable of clarifying sound coming from your favorite television, just enough to help you and your family hear the perfect dialogue clearly.

This patented amplifier bar is unique because it not just increases the sound volume but at the same time isolates voice frequencies in order to lift dialogue sounds for a more clearer tv program watching of course without worrying about background noise.

The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar

The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar

Unlike ordinary sound amplifiers out there, this model uses proprietary technology for a more comfortable viewing and listening and because it uses 24watt amp that connects to your favorite television and perfectly transmits sound using 3 2×3 inches full range speakers equipped with neodymium magnets, understanding voice dialogues is now possible.

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The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar 1

The Voice Clarifying Sound Bar already comes with a headphone jack, remote control and only measures 17x3x3 inches in width, length and height, plugging it to your ac outlet and controlling the sound bar using its included remote control is now easier than compared to other television sound bar out there. Weighs only 2 3/4lbs.

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