The Voice Amplifying Phone And Answering Machine – A clarity-enhancing telephone that provides amplified phone calls and answering machine messages

The Voice Amplifying Phone And Answering Machine [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary answering machine out there because this device is also capable of providing amplified phone calls boosting up to 52dBs call volume and amplifies speakerphone and messages volume by 15dBs so you can hear it clearly every time.

This clarity enhancing telephone also features a nice flashing strobe designed to alert the owner for any incoming calls while its included LCD screen with backlit allows the user to easily read any caller information and even see clearly the play back messages.

The Voice Amplifying Phone And Answering Machine

The Voice Amplifying Phone And Answering Machine

This answering telephone also comes with call waiting function and is capable of storing up to 99 numbers and names while its included 2.5mm and 3.4mm jacks allows the user to operate the telephone hands free using your favorite headset or even hearing aids.

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The Voice Amplifying Phone And Answering Machine also features a large and easy to read numbers and dialing buttons including its 2 emergency and customer number. Simply plug the base into your AC port using its included adapter and you’re good to go.

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