The Voice Activated Smart Plug – communicates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana to help you manage your favorite gadgets

The Voice Activated Smart Plug is unique because it allows the owner to easily manage and control their favorite gadgets with their very voice.

Thanks to the smart plug’s unique technology designed to help with your favorite communication assistant including Cortana, Google Assistant and even your favorite Amazon Alexa, remote controlling your favorite devices is now possible with just a simple tap on your device.

Voice Activated Smart Plug

Voice Activated Smart Plug

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This smart plug is capable of connecting to your favorite home wifi easily to allow the owner to easily access and control your lamp and other home appliances on and off function, you can even set and schedule the timer whether you are on your favorite chair or you are away across the globe.

Voice Activated Smart Plug 1

The Smart Plug has a unique and low profile design so it cannot block access to other outlets and best of all, the smart plug can be installed together side-by-side. The plug only measures 2 3/4in. X 1.5in x1.5in in length, width and diameter respectively. Weighs only 6.5oz.

You can buy the smart plug for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.