The Vital Sign Tracker – A palm-sized digital monitor that measures five key vital signs to track heart and lung health

The Vital Sign Tracker is a portable digital vital sign tracker design to help owners track their heart and lung health simply by measuring key vital signs partnered with unique sensor and in just a matter of seconds, the device will provide reading specially when in contact with the owner’s skin.

The Vital Sign Tracker

The Vital Sign Tracker

This vital sign tracker takes the owner’s pulse and temperature uniquely and calculate the blood pressure of course minus the discomfort of squeezing cuffs plus it even calculate an EKG designed to help measure heart’s rhythm and automatically detect whatever heartbeat problems.

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The Vital Sign Tracker 1

This palm-sized digital monitor even comes with SpO2 sensor to help assess blood oxygenation perfect if you have problem with shortness of breathing and even lung disease, it even store and compare up to 100 readings for different users perfect for comparing health changes over time.

Other important feature includes a unique pedometer designed to count steps walked, a relax function to help owners reduce the stress and best of all, it easily pairs with your favorite smartphone using its included free application.

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