The Virus Destroying UV Wand – eliminates viruses, mold and dust mites using safe UV-C Light

The Virus Destroying UV Wand is a uniquely designed wireless UV Wand capable of eliminating viruses up to 99.9 percent because it uses the same UV-C light to safely sanitized different surfaces at home, office or even on your favorite gadgets and furniture.

This cordless UV Wand uses the same trusted technology used to sanitize hospital surfaces and besides getting rid viruses, this wand can also kill dust mites and molds because it can generate up to 280nm wavelength light enough to get rid of any viral and even bacterial membranes.

Virus Destroying UV Wand

This virus eliminating wand is also better than using any type of liquid disinfectants because this model is also capable of sanitizing smartphones, your favorite computer keyboards and even those surfaces that easily harbors germs.

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Virus Destroying UV Wand 1

The Virus Destroying UV Wand already comes with an auto-shutoff feature so you and your kids will not be exposed to light specially if it is turned upward and best of all, it already comes with storage bag and protective goggles.

You can pre-order the cordless uv wand for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.