The Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset – Experience interactive virtual adventure in full 3D when watching videos and playing games

The Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset [SOURCE] is capable of providing users an impressive 360 degrees experiences specially in playing and watching videos.

The Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

The Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

This virtual reality headset works simply by pairing it with the owner’s favorite smartphone, thanks to the headset’s unique construction system, fitting a 4 up to 6 inches long smart phone and aligning the owner’s eyes into the virtual reality headset’s screen and securing the gadget into the head with its hook and loop fasteners is now easier and more secured than ever.

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This headset already includes a free application that are compatible with most iOS and Android devices and uses unique accelerometer from the owner’s phone in order to give the user interactive virtual adventure complete with 3D environments that follows the movement of the smartphone.

This virtual reality headset is not just capable of viewing 3D movies and games but also allows the user to adopt the persona of an underwater shark or other underwater species and roam around with 360 degrees capability to look for some buried treasure or even take a 3D tour at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

The Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset already includes an integrated headphone is capable of connecting to the device using its included cable so owner’s can synchronized the sound in order to enhanced the virtual reality experience.

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