The Video Surveillance Clock – Now you can discreetly monitor your home and office room

You want to discreetly monitor your home or office room? Try this Video Surveillance Clock, a classic analog watch that comes built with motion sensing camera capable of recording video and sound of up to a 1 and a half hour at a video resolution of 720×480, enough to see who’s roaming around while you are away.

This Video Surveillance Clock has a video recording angle of 62 degrees while it can pick up sounds even at 16 feet away from the surveillance camera.

The Video Surveillance Clock

With Video Surveillance Clock, saving and capturing high quality photos and AVI videos will not be a problem because it already comes with a 4GB microSD memory card, you can even download your captured video and photos to your own PC for full viewing using its included USB cable.

This surveillance camera is also equip with a rechargeable battery and works perfectly with the latest OS including Windows 7 and Mac.

-$159.95 at hammacher

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