The Video Screen Microscope – A Microscope with Built-in LCD Screen and 5MP Digital Camera

Tired of looking at tiny objects on a tiny microscope eyepiece? Not anymore with The Video Screen Microscope. Just like USB Microscope that offers unique viewing on tiny specimens, this video screen microscope is capable of presenting small objects into a more bigger (400x) and clearer view using its integrated LCD screen, magnifying hard to see object at a whooping 1600x magnification level.

The Video Screen Microscope also features an integrated 5MP digital camera to allow the user to capture still photos up to 120 shots and up to 40 minutes of video recording easily, thanks to its built-in 128MB capacity memory, taking shots and recording video clips is easier than ever.
The Video Screen MicroscopeNeed more memory space? No problem because this Video Screen Microscope also comes with SD slot just in case you need to expand the built-in memory.

How about downloading your captured pieces into your PC? Sure, no problem because this video screen microscope also comes with a USB cable so you can share your work with other microscope geeks with ease and best of all, it works with the most popular OS around including the latest Windows 7. So what are you waiting for? Secure one now and start examining specimens and outlines with confidence.

-$299.95 at hammacher

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