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The Video Recording Solar Security Light – A weatherproof video recording security light powered by sunlight

The Video Recording Solar Security Light is a waterproof security camera and a solar light in a device designed to be installed specifically where no power outlet is available, thanks to its uniquely designed construction system, capturing and recording motion at day or at night even at 40 feet away from the video recording solar security light will not be a problem, simply position the device anywhere you want and you’re good to go.

The Video Recording Solar Security Light

This video recording security light is powered using sunlight so you don’t have to worry about when to charge the batteries and because it record videos across a 110 degrees angle, tracking incoming and outgoings or even to those who just passes by is now possible.

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This security light uses 16 LEDs bathe dim area with up to 879 lumen of bright white light just enough to see clearly what’s ahead plus it can even be set to stay up to 60sec. after the security camera motion ceases.

Other cool feature includes 16GB microSD for storing up to 4hrs of time-stamped video recording plus it even allows the owner to plug the camera straight to the PC’s port to playback recorded videos and best of all, it recharges via the included solar panel and provides up to 110min. Of continuous use.

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