The Video Projecting 10 Feet Frosty The Snowman – A giant snowman with built in projector for playing movie clips

The Video Projecting 10 Feet Frosty The Snowman —[CHECK PRICE HERE]— is unique when it comes to providing entertainment show to your guests or passersby simply because this giant snowman plays clips on his belly and at the same time, it has an eye-catching height and colorful design which makes it the perfect addition to your Christmas Decoration.

Equipped with projector and screen that is strategically located at the character’s torso, owner’s of this giant snowman will find it easy to play the classic 1969 movie clip partnered with an alternating messages on his candy cane sign to entertain guest as the pass by.


Video Projecting Frosty The Snowman

So how do you make Frosty the Snowman come to life? Well, because it already includes an integrated electric air pump, inflating it will not be a problem, it can even withstand snow, wind or even the sun because it is made with durable polyester exterior.

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The Video Projecting 10 Feet Frosty the Snowman already comes with stakes and tethers, an SD card with movie clips on it and a USB or SD card slot port for playing other video content. Weighs only 13.5lbs.

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