The Video Note – The Coolest Way to Communicate with your Love Ones

You want to leave a message to your love ones the geeky way? No more sticking notes on your refs and doors saying “don’t forget to..” here’s a cooler way on how to communicate complete with voice and videos.

Check the Video Note, an effective communication device capable of storing up to 15 seconds of video messages using its built-in memory and hours more when you use and insert an 8GB SD Card. Wow! How? Well, simply press that record button before leaving, hi something and allow its integrated voice and video recorder capture your facial expressions while saying those important messages.

The Video Note

The Video Note

This device also features a color 2.4” screen and a unique flashing LEDs that signals anyone that there are messages ready to be viewed and best of all, this video note can be easily position anywhere you want because it already comes with an integrated magnet for sticking it anywhere.

The Video Note operates up to 1 full hour at full charge and recharges using its included USB cable.

-$39.95 at hammacher