The Video Call Enhancing Lamp – illuminates your face in a flattering light for video conference calls

The Video Call Enhancing Lamp is perfect for anyone who is constantly doing video conferencing calls simply because this halo lamp is capable of illuminating the user’s face in praising light.

Thanks to the lamp’s 46 LEDs designed to provide 360 degrees of full clear light to make sure colors are being given accurately while at the same time illuminating one’s facial properly.

Video Call Enhancing Lamp

This halo lamp already comes with a tripod base where owners can easily rest on a tabletop or a desk because it has an adjustable height perfect for getting that perfect angle every time you video call someone.

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Video Call Enhancing Lamp1

This Lamp for enhancing video calls can be adjusted to provide warm to blue cool light, it even comes with 3 dimming steps and best of all, its built-in holder for your favorite gadgets like your latest smartphone can now be positioned in different ways while its included remote will allow the owner to adjust lighting easily every time.

You can buy the video call enhancing lamp for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.