The Verbal Music Request Speaker – A wireless speaker that allows you to request song verbally

Tired of pressing buttons every time you want to play your favorite music? Not any more with the Verbal Music Request Speaker [SOURCE], a wireless speaker capable of finding and playing your favorite tunes every time you request verbally from almost anywhere on your own home network.

The Verbal Music Request Speaker already includes an award winning voice recognition app that lets the owner of the speaker to search for music simply by speaking to your smartphone. The software searches your phone’s music collection, search thru your computers music library or even search the internet radio station plus it even displays the result by album and artist for that easy scrolling to the preferred track.

The Verbal Music Request Speaker

The Verbal Music Request Speaker

Can’t wait to play it? Just touch the screen and you’re on your way to streaming your favorite music to the wireless speaker while its built-in woofers, tweeters and subwoofers allows the owner to enjoy clear and crisp sound at full range every time.

This Verbal Music Request Speaker is capable of playing music from your favorite music device including your latest tablet, smartphone or even computer of course anywhere around your very own home. You can even stream your favorite YouTube videos to your HDTVs using the speakers integrated HDMI port, cool right.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].