The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera – enables a driver to see objects or other vehicles when backing up

The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera >>[Video]<< is a uniquely designed rear-view wireless video camera where drivers can easily see any objects or any vehicles perfect specially if right at their back before backing up.

Thanks to its wireless camera, owner’s can easily mount it to almost any type of license plate to start capturing live videos at a good resolution and it even allows the driver to wirelessly stream straight to its included monitor right at the driver’s dashboard.

The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera

The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera

This backup camera is capable of providing up to 110 degrees of field view and because it also comes with a manual operation for adjusting its tilting angle, seeing better view before backing up is now more comfortable every time.

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The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera 1

The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera already includes a suction cup bracket for mounting the monitor to a windshield or dashboard, uses DC outlet so it can provide power anytime to its monitor and best of all, it has an integrated solar panels capable of charging the included camera. Weighs 1.5lbs and comes with mounting hardware and charging cables.

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