The UV Door Handle Sanitizer – sanitizes an L-shaped door handle using safe UV-C light waves automatically

The UV Door Handle Sanitizer (available here) is unique because it is equipped with motion sensing technology designed to help sanitize door handles safely using UV-C light waves instead of harmful chemicals.

This sanitizer for door handles works simply by bathing a door handle every time it senses motion, perfect for disinfecting the surface of the handle and neutralizing any viruses or bacteria in just a matter of 20sec.

UV Door Handle Sanitizer

This sanitizer has an integrated motion and heat sensor that can detect not just people or even pets approaching the door and because it is automatic when it comes to turning off the light waves, preventing accidental exposure will not be a problem.

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UV Door Handle Sanitizer1

The UV Door Handle Sanitizer also features a built-in lithium battery capable of providing up to 250 cycles of cleaning plus the LEDs included are all rated for 5k hours of use and best of all, it can be easily attached using its included adhesive mounting plates. Weighs only 3oz and only measures 3.5×2.5×2 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the L-Shaped Door Handle Sanitizer for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.