The Underwater Scooter – A winged Vehicle that propels a swimmer on the surface and underwater

The Underwater Scooter —[VIDEO]— is not just unique when it comes to propelling a swimmer underwater but at the same time your perfect winged vehicle the surface of the water at speed of up to 5.5mph.

This sleek water scooter is equipped with hydrodynamic 3.5 foot wingspan with waterproof shell to house its powerful motor enough to propel a swimmer on surface or underwater.

The Underwater Scooter

The Underwater Scooter

This winged vehicle has a nylon loops right at each wing to secure the swimmer’s forearm while its throttle built right at the edge of the left wing will allow the owner to change different speed simply by squeezing their fingers.

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The Underwater Scooter 1

The Underwater Scooter is very easy to use and tilting side to side will provide the swimmer the perfect gliding turns or simply nose up and down to ascend and descend easily and best of all, its positive buoyancy will see to it that it returns straight to the surface without any problem. Weighs only 30lbs. and can provide up to 1 hour and 40min of operation when fully charged using its included AC adapter.

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