The Undersea Video Drone – provides live video footage of underwater aquatic life

The Undersea Video Drone >>>[VIDEO]<<< is not just capable of taking live and clear video recording of almost anything underwater marine life but at the same time unique because it is capable of operating at a depth of one hundred feet for 4 straight hours.

Thanks to the drone’s uniquely designed construction system partnered with capable radar system that detects fish sending it wirelessly to your smartphone complete with the water’s temperature and depth.

The Undersea Video Drone

The Undersea Video Drone

This undersea drone is also capable of releasing up to 4oz of bait and because it already includes a 450lumen lights, attracting fish is almost always possible plus its 12mp camera sends the owner live high definition streaming videos with 95 degrees field of vision using its 200 feet cable straight to the included headset VR.

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The Undersea Video Drone 1

The Undersea Video Drone is also capable of saving 4K video footage and still images at a resolution of 4000×3000 enough to give you a clear idea on what’s undersea while its 64GB memory allows the user to easily store any recording for later use and best of all, it allows the user to easily steer the drone using its electric thrusters. Weighs 134lbs.

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