The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock – an easy to mount iPad dock with extending and pivoting arm

Looking for an iPad Dock capable of providing owners with some convenient ways on reading recipes? How about watching your favorite movie while doing some of your favorite kitchen work? Use the Under-Cabinet iPad Dock [SOURCE], a uniquely designed iPad dock that allows the owner to do their favorite thing at the kitchen because it already comes with an extending and pivoting arm partnered with unique mounting system so you can read, watch or even access your favorite app right at your very own kitchen.

The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock

The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock

Besides its unique extending and pivoting arm, the Under-Cabinet iPad Dock is very easy to mount, thanks to its included bracket and other hardware where you can use it to mount underside a cabinet or even at a wall plus it even comes with a pullout arm that pivots freely perfect for getting your desired height and viewing angle.

The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock 1

This iPad Dock also features a rotating and adjustable holder with rubber so it can grip pads securely you can even slip the dock out of its bracket slot so you can use it as a tabletop stand, just spread the 2 feet and you’re good to go.

The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock 2

The Under-Cabinet iPad Dock is very light and is constructed using a durable aluminum and is made with hinges for flexibility or rigidity purposes. This iPad dock is also compatible with most tablets.

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