The Ultrasonic Spa Strigil – A wireless skin scrubbing gadget that get rids of dead skin cells, makeup and other skin blemishes easily

You want to get rid of your dead skin cells? How about removing makeup or even eliminate skin blemishes? Now you can with the Ultrasonic Spa Strigil [SOURCE], a wireless skin scrubbing gadget designed to help you scrape any dirt residing in your skin.

The Ultrasonic Spa Strigil

The Ultrasonic Spa Strigil

Perfect for busy geeks out there that can’t visit their professional esthetician during weekdays, with the Ultrasonic Spa Strigil, you can unclog pores, remove dead skin and makeup right at the comfort of your very own home any time you need it.

The Ultrasonic Spa Strigil 1

Thanks to Spa Strigil’s uniquely designed flat edge vibrator that gently eliminates skin problem partnered with low voltage impulses designed to help impart rejuvenating nutrients of lotion straight deep into your skin providing the owner softer and cleaner skin.

If you want to look more youthful then try the Ultrasonic Spa Strigil, simply use it a few minutes per week and you’re on your way to a more healthier and younger looking you.

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