The Ultraslim Treadmill – equipped with bipolar drive technology so you can jog and walk smoothly and efficiently

The Ultraslim Treadmill —[SOURCE]— is unique because unlike other treadmill that allows user to press a button in order to change the speed while jog or walk, this treadmill is automatic, thanks to its uniquely designed track, adjusting the treadmill’s speed all depends on where you jog or walk on its track.

The treadmill works simply by taking atleast 3 steps on the treadmill in order to activate its motor while its 47×18 inches length and width track is divided into 3 zones so joggers or even walkers can easily modify the speed.

The Ultraslim Treadmill

The Ultraslim Treadmill

The front area of the track allows user to increase the speed of up to 5mph, the center on the other hand will allow the treadmill to maintain its current pace while moving to the back will slow down and even stop the treadmill without any problem.

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The Ultraslim Treadmill 1

The Ultraslim Treadmill runs smoothly, thanks to its bipolar drive technology, jogging and walking smoothly and efficiently even at a limited space will not be a problem and best of all, owners can even easily store anywhere they want, under bed, against the wall and more. Weighs only 64lbs.

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