Not satisfied with your HD TV’s capability? Check the Ultra High Definition Television [SOURCE] capable of producing 4x megapixels than ordinary 1080p television in order to provide you with the best possible viewing experience at home.

The Ultra High Definition Television

The Ultra High Definition Television

The Ultra High Definition Television is packed with 8.3 million pixels, LED lighting and 240hz of refresh rate enough to produce the clearest and most realistic pictures every time ideal for movie and sports addict who just can’t miss the matchless realism viewing at home.

The Ultra High Definition Television 2

This ultra HD television is also capable of upscaling any traditional HD content to pure and rich ultra high definition resolution, it can even easily convert a 2D content into a more satisfying 3D video at 3,840×2,160p for that true and unparalleled movie realism.

The Ultra High Definition Television 3

This smart TV also allows you to access your favorite social media sites including your favorite youtube, twitter and Netflix, thanks to its built-in wifi connection partnered with great applications, playing games, browsing the internet and enjoying your favorite music and videos is now easy and more entertaining.

The Ultra High Definition Television even comes with a unique remote control that is capable of responding to a hand gesture or voice command perfect for changing channels, adjusting volumes or moving cursors to navigate around your favorite website easily.

This Smart TV already comes with 4 pair of 3D glasses, 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports while its integrated 2.1 channel speaker with woofer will definitely complete your pure entertainment craving.

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