The Ultra High Definition Scientific Slide Scanner – converts microscope images into ultra high definition digital images

The Ultra High Defintion Scientific Slide Scanner is capable of converting microscope images into a whooping ultra high definition digital images that can then be viewed right at your favorite laptop or desktop computer, just connect the scanner into your laptop or PC, press a button and you’re good to go.

The Ultra High Definition Scientific Slide Scanner

The Ultra High Definition Scientific Slide Scanner

This scientific slide scanner features a uniquely designed CCD sensor capable of capturing sample at 3600dpi resolution just perfect for studying every details and structure of the sample of course without looking through a microscope’s eyepiece.

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The Ultra High Definition Scientific Slide Scanner 1

This scientific slide scanner already includes a necessary software that is windows compatible and easily connects to a computer using its included USB calbe and best of all, it already includes with 100 blank slides and covers, eye dropper for your own scientific slides.

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