The Two Person Transparent Canoe Kayak – A hybrid lightweight watercraft perfect for underwater vista

Boating somewhere this summer? Here’s a hybrid two person transparent canoe kayak that you can use to enjoy different underwater views that any other ordinary boats cannot provide, thanks to its transparent design, looking underwater is now possible while boating.

Built using sturdy aluminum frame, this canoe-kayak is capable of providing 2 seats right into its sturdy hull that is made with durable material, it can support up to 425lbs, it can even displace large amount of water for that stability you’ve been looking for in a hybrid canoe kayak.

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Two Person Transparent Canoe Kayak

Worry about balance? Not anymore because paddlers will sit comfortably lower to the deck to get a perfect balance, it even comes with an adjustable skeg to keep the kayak get to its course without any problem.

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The Two Person Transparent Canoe Kayak even features a quick-drying seats so paddlers will have a comfortable position while its light yet sturdy design will allow the owners to easily transport anywhere and best of all, it already comes with a seatback storage, fiberglass paddles and flotation pouches. Weighs only 48lbs.

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