The Two Color 3D Printer – An award winning three-dimensional printer capable of producing 3D objects in seconds

Is your 3D Printer can’t create the exact model of your 3D object? How about providing the perfect color in order to make it look exactly the way you want it in a three-dimensional object reproduction? Use the Two Color 3D Printer [SOURCE], an award winning and powerful 3D printer capable of creating meticulously designed 3D object quickly and easily.

The Two Color 3D Printer

The Two Color 3D Printer

The Two Color 3D Printer is capable of extruding 70-micron thin layers of tepid and thick thermoplastic that become firm in just a matter of seconds, producing a nice yet solid 3D objects.

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The Two Color 3D Printer 2

This 3D Printer has 2 thermoplastic cartridges just enough to create dual-color prints as big as 6 inches cu., while its plastic support that automatically incorporate into the object can be remove easily once the printer is done producing your masterpiece.

The Two Color 3D Printer 3

Got a 3D design files that you want to export into the printer? No problem, because this 3D printer has a built-in wifi so you can easily transfer your model object into the printer wirelessly or better yet, export them via USB port.

Need to optimize your print settings before starting a print job? No problem, because this 3D printer also features a color LCD touch screen just perfect for changing some quick print settings.

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