The Tubless Dog Bath – portable pet bathing system that lets you wash your dog anytime, anywhere

Planning of bathing your favorite dog this weekend? Use the Tubless Dog Bath, a uniquely designed bathing system for dog that allows dog owner to wash their favorite pet anytime anywhere without worrying about water, soap and mud mess.

This portable dog bath device is unique because it utilizes an easy to use nozzle system capable of wetting and rinsing dog using little amount of water and unlike those ordinary bathing system where dog lovers use a tub to wash their dog, this model is effective not just cleaning a dog but at the same time it does not mess around.

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Tubless Dog Bath

Tubless Dog Bath

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this portable dog bath device already comes with a 48oz water tank designed to clean a 80lbs dog with sensitive skin perfect if you want to minimize your expenses when it comes to grooming your favorite pet.

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Tubless Dog Bath 1

The Tubless Dog Bath already comes with a rinse-free shampoo, floor mat, microfiber towel and a storage bag so you can take the dog bath device anywhere you want to have an on-the-spot washing every time. Measures only 17×12.5×81/4 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 91/4lbs.

You can buy the portable dog bath device for only 149.95 with lifetime guarantee.