The Truly Cordless Earbuds – Now you can multitasks while enjoying your favorite music or doing a hands-free phone call

The Truly Cordless Earbuds [SOURCE] are designed to provide the owner to listen to their favorite music or even talk on the phone without worrying about wires of any kind simply because these wireless earbuds can provide of up to 30 feet Bluetooth connectivity range partnered with integrated controls built uniquely into each bud so you don’t have to worry about distracting cords.

The Truly Cordless Earbuds

The Truly Cordless Earbuds

These cordless earbuds alrady includes a powerful mic built right into each bud to enable owners comfortable phone conversation, it even allows the wearer to play, pause, redial and accept incoming call easily simply by pressing the button controls built into each bud.

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The Truly Cordless Earbuds 1

The wireless earbuds are very easy to secure because it uses tapered silicone adapters providing the wearer stable music or phone calls while performing different chores, while exercising or even enjoying the outdoors.

The Truly Cordless Earbuds already includes a case with USB cable that act as a charging station and best of all, it can provide of up to 2 hours of power when fully charged. Volume can be controlled via your favorite smartphone or directly to the device itself while its built in LED will simply indicate the charging status as well as the synchronization mode.

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