The Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever – eases neck and shoulder pain effectively

Need a device that will help relieve your neck pain problem? Use the Triple Therapy Neck Reliever, a uniquely designed neck pain reliever that uses heat, EMS and air pressure traction to help owners get rid of their neck and even shoulder pain easily and effectively.

This neck and shoulder pain reliever has an air traction method that effectively deals with the user’s body weight in order to stretch those tight neck muscles partnered with a heat function designed to help user’s get that perfect blood flow in order to loosen knots and also provide relaxing relief every time.

Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever

The Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever

Its included EMS therapy on the other hand is perfect for engaging that good muscle contraction in order to hasten the strengthening and rehab of the problematic body parts.

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Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever1

This Pain Reliever for neck and shoulder already comes with an easy to use remote control where owners can easily access the device’s 3 operation functions whether operating it independently or simultaneously and best of all, it has a 15min automatic turnoff function for additional security.

You can buy the neck and shoulder pain relieving device for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.