The Trip Recorder Radar Detector – with high definition in-car camera and radar detection function to capture almost everything a driver sees

The Trip Recorder Radar Detector [SOURCE] is a 2 in 1 device capable of capturing almost everything a driver needed to see while driving and at the same time act as a radar detector so it can also picks up audio alerts.

This in-car video camera uses suction-cup bracket so it can be affix right at your car’s dashboard or even at the car’s window perfect for documenting any untoward accident or even any trafic violation of course in high resolution video,

The Trip Recorder Radar Detector

The Trip Recorder Radar Detector

Thanks to its included HD camera partnered with 140 degrees wide angle lens, built-in motion detection function and clear LCD viewfinder, now you can clearly see and even capture alleged moving violation in 1280×720 video resolution.

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The Trip Recorder Radar Detector records automatically when the car starts moving and records in AVI format while its included microSD 16GB memory will allow the owner to store any motion every time. Perfect for busy car owners who wants to document everything on highways, high traffic cities and more, thanks to its unique video camera and 4 radar sensitivities, simply plug and go of course without worrying about cables because it runs cordless, just don’t forget to charge the battery though before driving.

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