The Travelers Water Purifying Bottle [SOURCE] is perfect for traveling geeks out there who wants to have bottle of water that is pure and free from any harmful elements, thanks to the traveler’s unique water purifying system, eliminating harmful contaminants and purifying water from any source will not be a problem.

The Travelers Water Purifying Bottle

The Travelers Water Purifying Bottle

The Travelers Water Purifying Bottle works easily, simply fill the bottle with water from almost any type of water source, press down the unique filtering system and watch the bottle eliminates malignant chemicals, metals and of course those disease causing bacteria and viruses in just a matter of seconds.

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The Travelers Water Purifying Bottle 1

Unlike handheld water purifier, this water purifying bottle has a detachable filter capable of treating up to 40 gallons of water before it requires to be replaced partnered with a sturdy stainless steel body capable of holding of up to 16oz of liquid, enough to refresh your thirst anytime anywhere.

This water purifying bottle is dishwasher safe and already includes a unique carbon core feature designed to neutralize odor and of course improve the taste of any water and best of all, it comes with a flip-lock lid for easy use every time.

Watch the Traveler’s Water Purifying Bottle in action [HERE].