The Traveler’s Water Flosser – helps you maintain your oral hygiene routine when traveling

The Traveler’s Water Flosser [SOURCE] is perfect for frequent travelers out there who wants to have an effective device to help them maintain their oral hygiene routine without worrying about cords and bulkiness.

Thanks to its portability and cordless design, flossing away and even cleaning deep between the owner’s teeth and gumline is now possible anytime anywhere, more effective and more comfortable than any other traditional string flossing.

The Traveler's Water Flosser

The Traveler’s Water Flosser

This water flosser device uses powerful water pulsations to get rid of plaque, clean teeth and even fight gingivitis yet small enough so you can bring it anywhere you go plus it even comes with 3 pressure settings so you can select the perfect session comfortably specially for those who have sensitive gums.

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The Traveler’s Water Flosser is very easy to use and has rotating head function designed to help the user to easily reach even the back molars and best of all, it already comes with an integrated water reservoir so you can continuously use it for up to 45 seconds.

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