The Transcendent Keyboard – Now you can customize the display of each key to anything you want

Tired looking at your keyboard keys? How about customizing the key’s look such as displaying an image on it instead of the ordinary letters and numbers? Now you can with the Transcendent Keyboard [VIDEO], a uniquely designed keyboard that will allow the user to customize the display of each key to anything they want perfect for personalizing the look of each keyboard commands and more.

This Transcendent Keyboard comes with a 72×72 pixel screen on each key partnered with a nice and easy to use software designed to help the user to easily assign an icon or image to the key, plus you can even assign a key that can be set to connect into your email account so it can display how many unread email message in your inbox.

The Transcendent Keyboard

The Transcendent Keyboard

Other important features of the Transcendent Keyboard includes a 7 inches long panel just between the number and function keys where you can set to show a personalized banner created using your favorite image editing program and best of all, the included application also allows you to allocate special keyboard layout for different keyboard activities including your surfing, playing and working time.

The Transcendent Keyboard 2

This 77 keys transcendent keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system and weighs only 6 2/3 lbs.

The Transcendent Keyboard 3

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