The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor – A robotic dinosaur that obeys its owner’s gesture like a well-trained pet

Looking for a robotic raptor that can be trained to obey your commands? Here’s an expensive robot dinosaur design uniquely so owners can train the raptor to spin, follow along, bow or even racks back just like one of those real well trained pet.

The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor

The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor

Introducing the Trainable Robotic Velociraptor [VIDEO], a robotic dino that simply obey owner’s clapping or waving of hands plus it even comes with a unique app design to turn any Bluetooth device into a remote control perfect for giving direction such as tail yanking or even commanding the robotic velociraptor to cover its eyes.

The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor 1

The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor also includes a nice and easy to use ‘track ball’ that act as both the raptor’s favorite toy and input tool that can be used to allow the raptor to knob on the ball and guard it, engage in a tail chasing game or even follow wherever the ball goes.

The Trainable Robotic Velociraptor 2

This trainable robotic velociraptor is capable of moving steadily using its unique wheels, thanks to its mobile inverted pendulum technology, raptors can even growl, chirp or even produce a colorful light just to let you know its temper. Wanna try? Just don’t forget to add batteries though before you start commanding the raptor.

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