The Touchless Baby Monitor – an innovative touchless baby monitoring device with free app for iOS and Android gadgets

You want to monitor your baby even if you are miles away? Sure, use the Touchless Baby Monitor —[SOURCE]—, an innovative baby monitoring device capable of sensing your kid’s breath and heart rate including your kid’s body temperature.

Unlike ordinary baby monitor device out there where an infant wear sticky pads in order to monitor them effectively, this model instead uses an advanced high definition camera with unique sensors so you can view them and at the same time track your baby’s breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature even while you are away.

The Touchless Baby Monitor

The Touchless Baby Monitor

This vital sensor camera baby monitor already comes with a free application where parents can see real time clips of their kids, it can track of up to 64 vital points in your kid’s body even at 39 inches away and of course sending the results directly to your favorite iOS or Android devices.

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The Touchless Baby Monitor 2

The Touchless Baby Monitor is very easy to setup, simply mount it to your kid’s crib specifically at the crib’s edge using its included bracket and you’re good to go, it even allows the owner to have a 2-way communication because it has an integrated mic and speakers and best of all, this monitoring device can also track and record your kid’s room temperature and humidity. Weighs only 8oz.

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